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Mountain View Zipline
From the top of our 30 foot high tower, from where the zipline starts, you get an unobstructed and beautiful view of Yelagiri valley and the natural beauty of the mountain. You zoom past three sceneries and views for more than 250 meters, its an exhilarating experience
ATV Ride Mountain View
We offer top quality and well maintained latest model ATV's along will all the riding gear you need to have a truly exhilarating off-road experience! plus our passionate trainers accompany each individual ensuring that riders of all ability levels have an amazing time. Our Track is more than 1km and the laps have fantastic natural ups and downs giving you a thrill which you can't compare to usual man made flat tracks elsewhere.
Mountain View Paint Ball
Paintball is an adrenaline rushing sport which is safe and suitable for people of different gender and physique. We offer the most reliable and advanced paintball equipment. Our equipment is carefully maintained on a rigorous schedule and cleaned to provide the most comfortable experience for all
Bungee Jump Mountain View
  • The most thrilling activity ever. Come and experience a jump to see the wide view of mountains
  • 45 Foot high
  • Heart stopping action
  • Fantasy view of valley and mountains
Mountain View Cricket Game
A fun game that provides flexibility to play for a small group of people
  • Advance features that can be caterer for any level of cricketing expertise
  • Bowling speed from 60 to 160 KMPH
  • Both Outswing and Inswing
  • Leg spin and Off spin with flight and loop
  • Different variations in length, line, swing and spin
Giant Swing Mountain View
Unique Giant swing at 35 feet providing a heart stopping finish at the end of the rope courses
Mountain View Water Zorbing
Fun and exiting Zorb ball on the water. Come and enjoy with your family and friends as a group
Kids Boat Ride Mountain View
Kids boating on our wide water poll. Your children will enjoy a fun and quiet ride monitored by our experienced staff
Mountain View Target Shooting
Target shooting is a fun activity for all ages. Come and enjoy with friends and family
Archery Mountain View
Unique Archery experience for all ages. You will love it again and again
Mountain View Kids Adventure Activities
Total funs for kids. Custom built for our park.
  • 4 activities in one
  • 6 meters high slide
  • Velcro wall
  • Kids adventure course
  • Rock climbing
Rope Course Mountain View
Finest rope course in yelagiri. Totally new thrilling experience. Come and experience it.
  • Largest and most fun filled in yelagiri
  • Two stage difficulty, suitable for adults and kids
Mountain View Waterfall and Jungle Trekking
  • Beautiful waterfall near our park
  • 2.5km trekking to the waterfalls
  • Never before explored views
  • Nature at its finest
  • Unique naturally orange tinted rocks
Tents Mountain View
Adventure tent stay with camp fire
  • Fun and safe adventure stay within the park at the edge of the forest and cliff
  • Campfire with music and outdoor movie screening
  • Good facilities and amenities that makes your experience adventure